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Meet our experienced team of recruitment consultants, who will guide you through the recruitment process. We support the breadth of management, administrative, sales, commercial and light industrial recruitment. You can call us on 01622 606426.

Chloe Williams

Particular expertise: customer, office, commercial and light industrial

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Particular expertise: sales, customer service, personnel, office

Chloe joined Outset in 2017 and brings a wealth of people skills and knowledge gained from previous roles and functions within the customer service and sales sectors. Chloe provides Outset with operational knowledge and understanding around relationship management skills of which she has a particular focus. Chloe is actively involved in the recruitment process with particular focus on the sourcing and identifying of high calibre and unique candidates to build on the Outset talent pool to the benefit of clients which utilise the service.

Leanne Simmonds

Particular expertise: office, commercial and light industrial and Human Resources (HR)

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Following her Law and Criminology degree, she started her career with four years experience within the customer service and sales industry. She then moved into general recruitment but has built a notable specialism in recruiting for HR roles. She possesses strong relationship management and business awareness skills, and utilises both traditional methods of recruitment and new technology and social media to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end recruitment service.